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Note: This page explains only the general plugin. If you want to embed a file you have already saved and shared in JDoodle - please refer the Embed a Shared Code Page

JDoodle IDE Plugin is an easy way to insert an IDE into your web application or blog.

Include the below two lines wherever you want to display the IDE

  <div data-pym-src='' data-language="java"
    data-version-index="4" data-libs="mavenlib1, mavenlib2">
    Optional default code goes here

and insert this at the bottom of the HTML page

  <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Below is the list of attributes you can use for customisation (refer this link for the list of language names and version index - Languages and version indices):



Language Name


Version of the language


Maven Libraries for Java

For a white-labelled custom version of the plugin, please contact us.

Some Custom Plugin Samples

Sample File

Note: Stored as .txt for security. Please save the file with ".html" extension.

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