JDoodle is an online programming platform where you can learn, teach, practice, develop, assess and collaborate. JDoodle aims to be a one-stop shop for anything programming. Currently, JDoodle has the following services:

  • An online compiler and IDE service for 76+ languages and 2 Databases, with collaborative programming and code sharing features.

  • A REST-based compiler API to integrate compilers to your applications.

  • An IDE Plugin solution to include IDEs to your web applications without using APIs.

  • An Online Assessment and Course Platform for teaching and assessing programming.

Who and how can benefit from JDoodle?

JDoodle takes away the pain of setting up and maintaining a development environment yourself. So anybody who wants to do some programming can benefit from this platform.

If you are a software practitioner or learning programming, using JDoodle, you can focus on programming instead of wasting your time installing, patching and setting up the environment.

As a teacher, you can save your and your students time using JDoodle rather than debugging the development environment issues. You can also use our free assessment and course platform to conduct assessments online.

Teachers, students, and interviewers can do live programming with others using our collaborative programming features. This also has an online chat feature.

If you are a programming blogger, you can integrate our IDE plugins into your blog or website and provide a better experience for your users.

Are you developing software to learn, teach or assess programming? You can benefit from both our Compiler APIs and IDE Plugins.

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