Embed a Shared Code

Embed a file you have already saved and shared in JDoodle.
Note: This page only explains how to embed a file you have already stored and shared in JDoodle. For general embed plugins without saving and sharing a file, please refer - IDE Plugin.
To include a shared file in your webpage or blog, follow the below steps.
  • Save the program in JDoodle
  • Share the program (It can be either Editable Share or Instant Share)
  • Copy the Embed URL
  • Include the below HTML code on your page - replace the src with the URL you copied in the previous step
<div data-pym-src=""></div>
and include this line at the bottom of your HTML file
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>


To customise you can pass the below parameters with the URL
0 to hide the STDIN box. By default, the STDIN box is displayed.
0 to hide the Arguments box. By default, the arguments box is displayed.
1 to make the editor editable. By default, the editor is read-only.
Values for the arguments box.

Example URL Customisations - hides stdin and argument boxes - hides only arguments box, but displays stdin. 2 3 - hides stdin box, and sets values to arguments

Demo/Sample Page

Accessing/downloading a shared program

You can also download the shared programs in three different file formats:<fileEmbedCode>?format=text<fileEmbedCode>?format=json<fileEmbedCode>?format=xml
<fileEmbedCode> is the unique number in the Share/Embed URLs.

Sample File

Note: Stored as .txt for security. Please save the file with ".html" extension.